on Mustang Island

 Fun Jumpers are really what SkydiveSouthTexas is all about!

Licensed Skydivers

We never intended the Corpus Christi/ Port Aransas Jumps to become tandem factories or even "Boogies" per se;  our goal is more of a "Tropical Skydive" club so all can enjoy the "ultimate DZ":  miles and miles of hardly-developed beach, uncongested airspace, a sleepy airport, LOTS of outdoor activities such as surfing/ fishing/ kayaking, and restaurants/ bars/ live music all within a half-mile of one another!! 

We've attended or organized skydives on the coasts of Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Mexico, Belize, Panama, and Australia--  but have found nowhere else fits the mold we just described!    Port Aransas, Texas is the Ultimate Island Dropzone!

We have two Cessna 182s permanently based here, but we still lease a Caravan on occasion from Skydive San Marcos.  
Email:  Reservations@SkydiveSouthTexas.com

Things to consider:

-ACCURACY is KEY!    Our landing area is much smaller than what you may be used to and our winds are usually much higher.   If you do not understand how to pick a target and land there in most any wind condition, keep working on your skills before you visit.  

-BEACH LANDINGS:  May be permitted provided you wear flotation gear, the beaches aren't too crowded (ie weekdays) and you arrange your own transportation back to the airport.   However, when we say NO BEACH LANDINGS, we mean it!   (Except of course in an emergency....)

-STUDENTS:  If you have completed your Level 8 AFF and bring your training record, we do have a student landing area well away from the water/ obstacles.  CALL FIRST so we can arrange Coaching/ Rigs/ Briefings Etc and prepare the landing site.     

-We highly recommend flotation gear.   You will probably not land in the Gulf under your main, but if you have a cutaway and subsequent lower opening, it can easily happen.   If you land outside the "second sandbar", it's probably over your head!
You can buy a nice belt-style PFD at Cabela's or Bass Pro Shops for around $60.

-Camping/ driving/ BBQs/ Bonfires are all permitted on Texas Beaches in Corpus Christi & Port Aransas!   Get your Beach Parking permits at any convenience store for $12 per year.    Gotta love Texas!

-We do not always have packers or riggers onsite--  You need to be self-sufficient!

-Extreme swooping or high-speed landings within 100 feet of beachgoers/ obstacles will NOT be tolerated.  Fly a standard, conservative pattern here on the Island.   You will be asked to leave if we feel you're showing off!

-Our official Sponsor for lodging in Port Aransas is ISLAND DUNES CONDOMINIUMS.   Great rates on simple condos very close to the landing area.   

-For a Romantic getaway cottage directly in front of the landing area, try SANDOLLAR CITY.   Very limited availability, but quaint, reasonable and pretty darn cool! 

-NEW!!  "Aviation-Themed Hotel" in Port Aransas.......perfect for Skydivers!    Check out Amelia's Landing!
-RV and Tent Camping is also available a couple-hundred yards from the airport/ landing area:  www.OnTheBeachRVPark.com

-Any questions??   Email us at:  Reservations@SkydiveSouthTexas.com   or Call 361-945-JUMP   Welcome to the family!